Erza Scarlet

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Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet.jpg

Erza, as she appears in the anime adaptation
Name Erza Scarlet
Aliases Titania Erza
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Human
Eyes Brown
Hair scarlet
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Rank S-Class Member (Fairy Tail)
Skills Requip Magic
Edolas Counterpart Erza Knightwalker
Seiyū Ohara Sayaka (Anime)

Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation Dub)

Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 4

Erza Scarlet (エルザ・スカーレット Eruza Sukāretto) is one of the main characters of the Fairy Tail anime and manga series. She is an S-Class member of the Fairy Tail guild and is considered its strongest female member. She has a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian and is among the few members who can stop Natsu and Gray, her fellow teammates from fighting. Despite her intimadating facade, she deeply cares for her guildmates and

She was a former slave-child who used to work on the R-Project to create a magical tower capable of resurrecting the dead. During her slavery, she made friends with several other slaves including Jellal Fernandes, Wally Buchanan, Simon, Millianna, Shou, and Rob, a former member of Fairy Tail. After learning magic, she led a slave revolution and freed most of the slaves working on the R-Project.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

Erza's primary form of magic is a branch of Requip (換装 Kanshou lit. Clothing Exchange) known as The Knight (騎士 Za Naito), which allows her to not only equip herself with weapons but as well as armors from her arsenal.

Erza is also extremely capable in sword-based combat managing feats such as defeating Ikaruga, an accomplished swordswoman skilled in assassination, and even being able to wield swords with her feet. She has also shown proficiency in wielding lances.

Erza has also shown capability in an unnamed magic which allows her to telekinetically control weapons. Her right eye was also replaced with a false one, which reduces the effect of sight-based and illusion magic against her.

[edit] Armory and Techniques

  • Heaven's Wheel Armor (天輪の鎧 Tenrin no Yoroi): An ornate armour which greatly augments Erza's telekinetic magic. Erza has been shown controlling up to 200 weapons simultaneously with this armor.
    • Techniques
      • Tenrin: Scattered Petals (天輪・繚乱の剣 Tenrin Burumenburatto): Erza slices the enemy with the swords in both her hands before attacking with the ten swords hovering behind her in a circle. The japanese name of this technique is derived from Blümenblatt, which is German for "Petal".
      • Circle Sword (循環の剣 Sākuru Sōdo): Erza attacks her enemy with her floating swords spinning in a circle.
  • Black Wing Armor (黒羽の鎧 Koreha no Yoroi): Like its name implies, it is a black armor with wing-like decorations. It enhances Erza's strength while she wears it.
  • Flame Empress Armor (炎帝の鎧 Entei no Yoroi): An armor which halves the effects of fire attacks used against Erza. This armor was first seen during her fight with Natsu.
  • Giant Armor (巨人の鎧 Kyojin no Yoroi): This armor enhances Erza's throwing strength.
    • Evil Crushing Spear (破邪の槍 Haja no Yari): A spear used along with the Giant Armor. Erza used both this and the Giant Armor in order to shatter the Moon Drip shell hovering over Galuna Island.
  • Adamantine Armor (金剛の鎧 Kongō no Yoroi): An armor which increases Erza's defense. While wearing this armor, Erza was able to take the full blast of Phantom Lord's Jupiter Cannon though the armor was destroyed during the process.
  • Purgatory Armor (煉獄の鎧 Rengoku no Yoroi): A powerful armor which augments Erza's abilities to an unknown extent, though Erza boasts to Ikaruga that she has defeated everyone who has forced her to use this armor. It was destroyed by Ikaruga during their fight.
  • Lightning Empress Armor (雷帝の鎧 Raitei no Yoroi): The lightning-based counterpart of the Flame Empress Armor. Erza first used this armor during her fight with Laxus Dreyar.
  • Flight Armor (飛翔の鎧 Hishou no Yoroi): A lightweight armor with a leopard print that boosts Erza's speed. She was first seen using this armor during the main characters' skirmish with the Oracion Seis.
  • Robe of Yuen (悠遠の衣 Yūen no Koromo): A robe Erza used in order to counter Midnight's Reflector magic. Erza claims that the robe's elasticity prevents Midnight from effectively restrict her movements by twisting it.

Several other unnamed weapons can be seen in Erza Scarlet's armory, including several forms of the Ten Commandments, a shape-shifting weapon featured in Mashima Hiro's older series Groove Adventure RAVE.

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