Lamia Scale

Lamia Scale
Lamia Scale Banner.png

The Guild Logo of Lamia Scale
Name Lamia Scale
Headquarters Unknown
Guild Master Ooba Babasaama
Status Active

Lamia Scale is a legal Magic Guild in both the anime and manga versions of Fairy Tail. Their symbol is what appears to be a green lamia. It is unknown whether or not if the current Guild Master, Ooba Babasaama was the original founder of the guild or if she was promoted at a later date. Among its ranks is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jura Neekis. Until the X791 Grand Magic Games, it had always came in 2nd place, and, after the games, it became the 3rd strongest guild in Fiore.

[edit] Members

Below is a list of members (Active, Inactive, and Deceased) of the Lamia Scale Guild. Ranks and teams are also presented.

Name Rank Team Status
Ooba Babasaama Guild Master None Active
Jura Neekis Mage Team Lamia Scale
Lyon Vastia Mage Team Lamia Scale
Team Lyon
Sherry Blendy Mage Team Lyon Active
Chelia Blendy Mage Team Lamia Scale Active
Yuka Suzuki Mage Team Lamia Scale
Team Lyon
Toby Horhorta Mage Team Lamia Scale
Team Lyon
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