Lisanna, as she appears in the anime adaptation.
Name Lisanna
Gender Female
Age 16
Race Human
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliations Fairy Tail (Edolas)
Rank Member (Fairy Tail)
Former Member (Edolas Fairy Tail)
Skills Take Over Magic
Known Relatives Mirajane (Sister)
Elfman (Brother)
Edolas Counterpart Edolas Lisanna (deceased)
Seiyū Sakurai Harumi
Manga Debut Chapter 55 (flashback)
Chapter 170
Anime Debut Episode 20 (flashback)

Lisanna (リサーナ Risāna) is a character from the Fairy Tail manga and anime series. She was introduced as Mirajane and Elfman's younger sister who died three years ago in an attempt to calm Elfman, who went berserk from a failed "Take-Over". She was a childhood friend of Natsu Dragneel and was close to him until her apparent death.

However, it is later revealed that she was transported to Edolas via Anima after being wounded by Elfman where she joined Edolas's Fairy Tail guild. Following the events of the Edolas story arc, she was sent back to Earthland along with Natsu and co., and she enjoys a tearful reunion with her older siblings.

Her Fairy Tail tattoo used to be on her left upper arm, though for unknown reasons is now on her left thigh.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

Lisanna, like her siblings is skilled in Take-Over (接収 Teiku Ōbā) magic, a type of magic which allows the user to possess the forms and abilities of animals and demons they have defeated. During flashbacks, it is shown that she was skill enough to perform fullbody Take-Overs unlike her older brother, Elfman.

In Edolas, she was shown wielding a jeweled staff with a sword-like grip. However it is unknown what kind of magic that weapon possesses.

[edit] Techniques

Animal Soul (動物の魂 Animaru Souru) is the branch of Take-Over magic Lisanna is most skilled in, possessing the forms of animals. She has been shown using the following transformations:

  • Bird : Lisanna transforms into a peacock-like animal. She used this transformation in order to help warm Happy's egg.
  • Rabbit : Lisanna transforms into a giant rabbit-like creature with purple fur. In this form, Lisanna was able to build a hideout in order to protect Happy's egg.
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