Mest Gryder.jpg

Mest, as he appears in the anime
Name Doranbalt
Aliases Mask man
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Short black hair
Affiliation Magic Council
Rank Intelligence Officer (Magic Council)
Skills Memory Manipulation Magic
Teleportation Magic
Seiyū Sakaguchi Shūhei (Anime)
Manga Debut Chapter 201
Anime Debut Episode 96 (silhouette)
Episode 97 (First speaking role)

Doranbalt (ドランバルト Doranbaruto), operating under the alias Mest Gryder (メスト・グライダー Mesuto Guraidā), is a member of Fairy Tail with an inquisitive nature introduced late in the series. Initially introduced as a Mystogan's disciple and a candidate for Fairy Tail's S-Class membership, he is later revealed to be a spy working for the Magic Council with the intent of finding reasons to shut down Fairy Tail.

Despite his purpose in infiltrating Fairy Tail, he tries his best to help them during Grimoire Heart's ambush on Tenrou Island before being defeated by Azuma along with Wendy and Pantherlily.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

Mest is shown capable of using Memory Manipulation Magic, which he managed to cast over the entire Fairy Tail guild, tricking them into believing that he was a veteran member. However, this enchantment was broken once Pantherlily began suspecting him.

Mest is also capable of using magic to teleport. His teleportation is not only limited to himself, he is able to carry others with him while teleporting.

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