Kain Hikaru

Kain Hikaru
Kain Hikaru.jpg

Kain, as he appears in the series
Name Kain Hikaru
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Grimoire Heart
Rank Member (Grimoire Heart)
Skills Midnight Anathema Ritual Magic
Manga Debut Chapter 209
Anime Debut Episode 101

Kain Hikaru (華院=ヒカル Kain = Hikaru) is an antagonist in the Fairy Tail anime and manga series. A seemingly plump and clumsy member of the Grimoire Heart's Seven Kin of Purgatory, he is a powerful member of their group capable of using possession magic.

His character design is based off one of Mashima Hiro's assistants.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

Kain uses the Lost Magic Midnight Anathema Ritual (丑の刻参り Ushi no Koku Mairi) is a type of possession magic with elements of Voodoo. By attaching someone's hair onto a doll effigy, Kain is capable of controlling their movements as well as their physical abilities by changing the doll's skin into a different material. He uses this ability in conjunction with placing his own hair onto the doll, boosting his own already powerful physical ability. This technique's name is derived from a Japanese curse ritual which involves driving stakes into a straw effigy.

While not using his magic, Kain is shown proficient in a form of martial arts similiar to Japanese Sumo Wrestling.

[edit] Doll Change

  • Cotton : Seemingly the default form of his doll, which just allows the holder to control people whose hair are attached to it.
  • Iron : By changing the doll's skin to iron, those possessed by the doll have a higher threshold to withstand physical attacks and have their physical strength augmented. While under its effects, Kain was able to deflect Taurus's, Sagittarius's and Scorpio's attacks with his bare hands, and destroy trees by simply running into them.
  • Light : While under its effects, Kain was capable to emitting a light-based attack by changing the doll's skin to a luminescent material.
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