Laharl, as he appears in the Anime adaptation.
Name Laharl
Gender Male
Eyes Violet
Hair Black
Affiliation Magic Council
Rank Captain (Magic Council 4th Enforcement Division)
Skills Memory Manipulation Magic
Teleportation Magic
Seiyū Hayami Hideyuki
Manga Debut Chapter 162
Anime Debut Episode 67

Laharl (ラハール Rahāru) is the Captain newly reformed Magic Council's 4th Enforcement Division, introduced almost immediately after Nirvana's destruction. He approaches Natsu's group in order to arrest Jellal Fernandes, but also takes the opportunity to detain the defeated members of the Oracion Seis.

Laharl performs his duties with a steel resolve and great seriousness, holding lawbreakers such as Jellal in great disdain. Though he is also flexible enough to allow Hoteye and Jellal to part with the others on good terms without interrupting them.

He is not seen again until Grimoire Heart's attack on Tenrou Island where he is working with Mest Gryder, commanding the Council battleship requested by him. Laharl tries to perform damage control after Azuma's surprise attack on their ship when Mest returns to use their communication Lacrima. Though he anticipates the Council Leader Gran Doma ordering the use of Etherion on Tenrou Island, he insists Mest to relay the situation to the Council.

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