Ur, as she appears in the anime adaptation
Name Ur
Gender Female
Age Unknown (deceased)
Race Human
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skills Ice Make Magic
Known Relatives Ultear Milkovich (Daughter)
Seiyū Sawashiro Miyuki
Manga Debut Chapter 28 (flashback)
Anime Debut Episode 11 (flashback)

Ur (ウル Uru) is a supporting character in the Fairy Tail series. She was the mentor of Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Bastia, whom she taught Ice Make magic before she transformed her body into an ice shell which sealed the demon, Deliora. Though deceased, she was well known for her magic and Jellal Fernandes recognised her abilities on par with a Wizard Saint.

After Deliora is unsealed by Lyon, the remnants of her icy body melted into the sea.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

Ur is incredibly proficient in Ice Make magic, a branch of Creation magic which allows the user to create ice objects. She believes that Creation magic is a powerful spell once the user finds a style which fits themselves. Her ice creations are rose-themed.

She is also capable of performing a forbidden spell, Iced Shell, which freezes an enemy in everlasting ice made from the caster's body. The ice created by the body cannot be destroyed by regular means and can only be melted through the Moon Drip ritual.

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