Virgo, as she appears in the anime adaptation
Name Virgo
Aliases The Virgin
Gender Female
Race Celestial Spirit
Eyes Blue
Hair Pink
Skills Diver Magic
Seiyū Sawashiro Miyuki
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 3

[edit] Virgo

Virgo first appeared in the Daybreak Arc as Duke Everlue's head maid. Her appearance under him is less appealing than her appearance as one of Lucy Heartfilia's spirits(to the surprise of the characters). She worked under Duke Everlue until he was sent to jail, after which she considered her contract with him to be null and void and decided instead to form a contract with Lucy Heartfilia, with the help of Happy In the Lullaby Arc, Happy gave Virgo's key to Lucy Heartfilia while they were stuck within the magic sand made by Erigor. Lucy Heartfilia hesitated in forming a contract with Virgo but was reminded by Happy that Virgo was able to dig underground and might help them escape the magic sand.

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