Zeref, as he appears in the anime
Name Zeref
Gender Male
Age 400+
Race Human
Hair Black
Skills Dark Magic
Seiyū Ishida Akira (anime)
Manga Debut Chapter 200
Anime Debut Episode 96

Zeref (ゼレフ Zerefu) is among the many antagonists in Fairy Tail. He is known as the most terrifying dark wizard in history who created several demons and cursed artifacts. Thought to be dead, Zeref was actually in hiding on Tenrou Island, seemingly unable to control his magic.

The dark guild Grimoire Heart was trying to find Zeref but failed, with Zancrow and Hades himself dieing in the effort.

[edit] Magic and Abilities

In recent appearances, Zeref has been shown to use a spell which instantly kills all lifeforms within a certain radius. However, he has little control over when this magic activates, and is reluctant to use it for fear of killing others.

Among his many creations are the Lullaby Flute, a cursed artifact when played, will kill whoever hears its melody, and Deliora, a demon who destroyed the hometowns of Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Bastia.

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